1. To enhance the spiritual, moral and educational development of all of our students, by addressing their individual needs and challenges.
  2. To develop the professional competence and decorum of our teachers.
  3. To encourage greater partnership between home and school, in order to help our students to improve their academic performance & develop upright characters.


Objective Number 1

  1. Implement a schedule of moral and spiritual activities as part of our co-curricular program.
  2. Identify students who are challenged, evaluate their needs and employ strategies to help them, individually and collectively.
  3. Help students to improve their performance in internal & external examinations. Provide counseling & guidance for students who are challenged.
  4. Provide incentives and encouragement for students who are making efforts to improve.

Objective Number 2

  1. Provide opportunities for teachers to improve their professional qualifications.
  2. mphasize and insist on professional decorum from all teachers and implement measures to rectify unprofessional behavior.
  3. Implement professional development sessions for all teachers.
  4. Provide greater supervision and in-house training for all new teachers.

Objective Number 3

  1. Invite parents to open days and one-to-one meetings to discuss performance of their children on a regular basis.
  2. Enlighten parents about techniques in parenting and proper upbringing of children.
  3. Encourage parents to be good role models for their children.
  4. Hold regular teacher/ parents conferences to brain-storm and find solutions for challenges and crises faced by students.
  5. Encourage regular contacts between home and school, through mutual visits (scheduled) to home and school, reports and other forms of communication.