School Rules

Rules and Regulations

Personal Responsibility

Whenever large numbers of people gather, it becomes necessary to establish rules which allow them to co-exist in safety and security. At ISA, we hold that the first source of responsibility is towards our Creator, then our parents. Next, we must be responsible to each other as members of the community established by our blessed Prophet Muhammad (SAS). In this context, each student must take it upon him/herself to control his/her actions vis-à-vis the rights of others and show self-discipline and a sense of responsibility. By using common sense and adopting a positive outlook on their purpose in this short life, students will enjoy their stay at ISA.

Personal Infractions

Personal Infractions include swearing, theft, persistent harassment of others, obscene language, possession of illegal objects, persistent recklessness, fighting, misuse of school equipment, possession of walkman, video games, suggestive magazines and/or photos, weapons, collectables, etc.

Items which are not allowed in school may be subject to confiscation. Any of the above violations will result in a suitable penalty decided by the Principal, including suspension and recommendation for expulsion.

Classroom Code of Conduct

In the interest of establishing a proper learning environment, certain rules will be observed by all students in their daily classes.

These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • All students must be in their classes on time and in their assigned seats.
  • Students will treat all the teachers and other students with respect.
  • There will be no gum chewing, eating, talking, shouting, laughing, drinking, moving around or leaving class without the permission of the teacher. All students must come to class prepared with pencils or pens (blue/black) per teachers’ request, notebook, books and completed homework assignments.
  • All students are required to raise their hands before speaking in class.
  • All students must copy from the board their class work, homework and other assignments before leaving class, except Pre-K to Grade 2.
  • Students must be aware of ISA code of conduct.
  • Students who need to use the restroom must ask the permission of the teacher, get up from their seats quietly, take the “Bathroom Pass,” and then return as quickly and quietly.
  • All students will act safely and keep their hands to themselves.
  • Teachers are free to add to this list so as to meet their particular need and situation.

General Behavior Guidelines

Acceptable Behaviors

The following represent acceptable behavior:

  • Reporting to school on time
  • Reporting to school regularly
  • Bringing required books and supplies
  • Following the dress and grooming code
  • Giving your best in class
  • Performing at your best behavior, at school and school sponsored programs
  • Respecting others and their property
  • Being courteous

Unacceptable Behaviors

The following represent unacceptable behaviors:

  • Eating in class
  • Teasing other students
  • Using bad language
  • Cheating
  • Plagiarizing
  • Bothering/harassing others
  • Fighting
  • Telling lies
  • Disobeying school staff
  • Possessing, using/selling drugs and weapons
  • Damaging property
  • Wearing long hair (boys)
  • Not wearing school uniform
  • Wearing garment with slogans, pictures, writings
  • Backbiting
  • Defacing walls
  • Being disruptive/making the class unsafe
  • There is ZERO tolerance to the possession and/or dealing, in any manner, with drugs and weapons.

Students’ personal belongings can be subjected to searches in the event of a loss of property and/or the probable cause for drugs and weapons.